ADbag® is an innovative anaerobic digestion system created by Demetra, fully prefabricated, tested in our workshop and certified; compared to the traditional anaerobic digester, it has many revolutionary and advantageous features:

Constructional features:

  • Quick installation: a few weeks vs months required for standard systems;
  • Lower environmental impact: limited height, no foundations, no need to remove soil from the developed areas, no structural concrete elements;
  • Completely removable: not having structural elements in concrete, if and when necessary it can be disassembled and removed or transferred / replaced.

Operational performance:

  • Greater efficiency: thanks to the optimization of internal fluid dynamics;
    in terms of bio-gas production;
    in percentage of methane in the bio-gas;
    with a low self-consumption (or internal consumption).
  • Great versatility: system suitable for processing different types of feedstock.
  • Extremely simple to use.