Cookie policy

“Technical” cookies are essential to provide online access to the website, and allow users to browse the website and take advantage of its features (such as storing previous actions, or allowing you to save the session and/or perform other activities that are strictly necessary to the website’s operation).
“Analytical” cookies also belong to this category and help us know (while ensuring the user’s anonymity) how you may interact with the website. They provide information on the last page visited, the number of sections and pages visited, the time spent browsing the website, and any other occurrence during navigation, such as for as example the display of an error message. Analytical cookies help us know about any difficulty the user may have encountered when browsing the website. This information may be associated with the user’s details, such as the IP address, domain or browser. However, it is analysed along with the information of other users, in order not to identify a particular user as opposed to another. These cookies are collected and aggregated in anonymous form and allow the webmaster to improve online access.
Finally, “functional” cookies make it possible for the website to keep track of the user’s choices (for example, the username), in order to provide a more customised and better browsing experience. Functional cookies are not essential to the website’s operation, but improve its quality and the browsing experience. If you choose not to accept these cookies, the website’s functions and access to its contents may be limited.
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